Recipe & Product Testing

The perfect product or healthy

recipe is not simply created, 

it is tested and proven worthy.

Recipe Testing

Did you know that most recipes are written for home cooks? 

Recipe testing is an opportunity to test out some of the best healthy eating recipes and help in making them executable for home chefs and executive chefs alike.  If you are creating a cookbook or a batch of recipes, Chef Yvette Taylor can assist in your recipe testing efforts to ensure you put out the best representation of your creation.  Check out Beaba for a sample of our work.

    Product Testing

    Ever wonder how your favorite kitchen utensil company came to choose your favorite skillet as the one they were going to offer consumers? 

    Everything is tested!  In the creation and offering of a product, the company has to make sure that it can stand up to the common uses and identify any issues that can arise.  This is where a Product Tester comes in handy!  The Product Tester will usually test multiple versions of the same product in order to provide a thorough assessment.  If you have a product that you are ready to have test, give us a call! We love working with companies,  DiamoTech, to help them put the best product forward to consumers.