Culinary Nutrition Specialist

Go from feeling sluggish and overwhelmed to an energized powerhouse living a sustainable, healthy lifestyle!

Food intolerances and allergies can be tough to navigate. Especially if you need to cook for multiple family members with different food sensitivities. Don’t worry – I can help you figure it out one allergen at a time. We’ll analyze your and/or your family’s dietary needs and restrictions and develop and easy to execute plan of attack so you feel totally confident in your kitchen.
Culinary Nutrition Services Include:

  • In-depth dietary consultation
  • Recommendations for nutrient-dense foods to meet your needs and how to use them
  • Pantry Bootcamp (complete edit and makeover)
  • Customized meal guides
  • Grocery shopping guide
  • Private in-home cooking lessons (based on need)
  • Nutritional meal preparation or recipe development (based on need)